Greenhouses for Hydroponics

With the increasing cost of fresh produce, growing your own fruit and vegetables makes more and more sense. Why not get yourself a hydroponic greenhouse and enjoy home-grown goods, packed full of vitamins and minerals, year-round?

Custom built greenhouses

We supply and erect greenhouses to your size specification, in as little as three weeks. Our greenhouses can accommodate both vertical growing hydroponic systems and bag culture hydroponics, depending on which types of produce you’ll be cultivating – vertical growing is ideal for tomatoes, brinjals, lettuce, celery, spinach and cucumbers, while bag culture is better suited to bell peppers. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A full complement of Vert-Gro© pots, up to 9m high per column – which makes it possible to grow 828 plants in a single 5m x 3m greenhouse. That’s 55 plants per m²!
  • A 500l tank with recirculating submersible pump (which reduces water wastages)
  • Sturdy construction capable of withstanding gale-force winds
  • Reinforced weldmesh sides, which prevent monkey predation
  • Coloured fibreglass roof, which keeps plants free of fungus-encouraging moisture

There’s something inherently satisfying with growing your own fruit, herbs or veggies! Of course, you don’t only have to grow fruit and vegetables – flowers can also be grown hydroponically in a DaisyFresh greenhouse.

Grow your own produce

Order your own greenhouse

Complete hydroponic greenhouse. Ready to operate.