A Bit about DaisyFresh and Hydroponics

DaisyFresh has been in existence for over five years and specialises in Hydroponics, Hydroponics Consulting, and Training. We undertake Business Plans for aspirant growers along with determination of the Breakeven point to ensure that Business owners know at which point their businesses will begin to realise a profit. There are other products to complement the hydroponic ranges such as Greenhouses, Verti-Gro vertical hydroponic growing systems, hydroponic kits and biltong makers that complete the range of home products.


The Hydroponics School runs monthly courses (except December) over two full days and students are taken from basic level up to intermediate with which they should be able to start up their own hydroponicum, manage someone else’s or successfully work in a hydroponic environment.


The training method is unique and is calculated to optimise the students’ absorption capabilities. The classroom environment is informal and questions are encouraged during the course of the lectures which are given using Power Point, white board and flip chart, as well as educational hand-outs which re-enforce the overall presentations.


Lunches and teas are included in the cost of the courses when held at the Conference Centre in Camperdown. Courses are undertaken in other centres by arrangement, for which a minimum of ten participants is required.  A discount of 10% is allowed if more than 5 participants are registered from the same organisation.


At the end of the course participants are awarded a completion certificate and given a complete set of notes with which to re-enforce what they learned on the course.  They are taught how to self-educate so that their learning can be regarded as on-going.  DaisyFresh completes the overall service by offering to assist with any advice on subsequent problems that they may encounter.


The aims and expected learning outcomes of the course are attached.


About the presenter:


John Sandison has a Certificate in Business Management from Wits (M.A.P.) and a Certificate in Advanced Hydroponics. He owned and managed his own Hydroponic farm for over ten years and is past Chairman of Intensive Grower’s Association. He spent many years working for international companies at senior level both locally and overseas.


He is the sole SA licensee for Verti-Gro of Florida USA.  This unique system enables 6 times the number of plants to be grown in the same square area by taking advantage of the upwards space in the air above the ground with no loss of light or nutrients as the columns are scientifically spaced to maximise light distribution. The pots are equipped with holes which enables the nutrient water to percolate down through the column thus feeding all the plants at once.